A list of all restaurants that we have covered, with updates on their status. If you happen to stumble upon any that has closed down or moved away, please inform us.

Beppu Specials

Beppu Reimen – click for a list of shops that serve this tasty Beppu specialty

Kakigori – Japanese shaved ice


Cocolate ココラート

Ogawaya 小川屋

Chez Maman


Nidom ニドム

Niconico Mura ニコニコ村



Chez Maman


Karamenya 辛麺屋 -closed

Bakeries, Patisserie, Snacks…

おやつ simasima

hibino pan – arguably the best bakery in this city

Nico donuts  nico ドーナツ

Alto Pizza ピザアルト

Serena Chiffon Cake – closed

Be LOVE Cafe – closed

Ristorante Fiore – closed (relocated to Kannawa)

Event Space

Studio Noquudo スタジオ・ノクード


2 thoughts on “Index

    1. Thanks for the comment! Breakfast in Beppu, or anywhere in Japan, is indeed difficult to find. A Vietnamese restaurant that recently went on hiatus used to serve phở and Vietnamese coffee every Thursday morning. Now that it isn’t here, perhaps you could head to the Southern end of the Station, where there is a market that opens early in the morning. I hope that helped.


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