A word of update, from yours truly

You’ve probably guessed it by my long absence: I am no longer in Beppu. It still seems as if I only left yesterday – boarding the bus to Fukuoka Airport, saying goodbyes to my dearest friends while hiding my tears behind the curtain. Yes, by that time I had grown to call Beppu home, which, I think, is sort of crazy because I hated it at first. Who knew a city with no movie theater could have so much more in store to enjoy? This blog has barely covered the tinniest bit of Beppu’s rich food culture.


Now I must apologize – I did not mean to stay quiet for that long. My last post was in April, after which I had had to focus on writing my thesis. The process left me completely enervated, and for months afterward I couldn’t produce a coherent sentence. Talk about sleepless nights powered by cheap coffee. Welp, never again.




I did not, however, cease to eat. Indeed, between August and November, I set out to try many places I never got enjoy before, mainly due to the high prices or far-out location. I mean, I’m leaving soon and possibly never coming back, so there was all the more reason to splurge. I still couldn’t get down to writing, however, as from November I was occupied with traveling, drinking, and working while struggling to finish my grad school applications.

But, now that I’m sitting here with plenty of photos that I sometimes share on my Instagram account, I thought I should do something about it. So, while this post originally aimed to update you guys with my whereabouts, I’d like to make an announcement as to the future of this blog:

I will be posting more regularly in the coming weeks. The content will be the same – a place, a story, and the people behind it, but there is bound to be some nostalgic notes as I recall my days in Beppu. There will be posts organized according to a theme, similar to that of my reimen or kakigori series. I will also try to select places that I know there won’t be any quality change.

In other words, BUCKLE UP ladies and gentlemen. It’s high time we lived the amazing food life in Beppu again.


(Photos taken on my last day in Beppu)



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