For the Love of All Things Eggy – Uchinari Cafe



I’m a sucker for 卵かけご飯. It’s so simple a dish: an egg, cracked onto white rice, dressed with a few drops of soy sauce. With so few ingredients this is something that can be prepared every morning with minimal amount of efforts. Sometimes I’d have this for breakfast several days in a row.


Forget sushi, sashimi, takoyaki and all that hyped-up Japanese food with which you are all too familiar by now. THIS is the quintessential of Japanese food culture. It is less because the dish itself resembles the Japanese flag and more because, as is often with simple dishes, the ingredients must be as good as you can get. Namely, the freshest eggs with the creamiest yolk, もっちり white rice and some perfectly seasoned pickles… To make the perfect 卵かけご飯 is no simple feat.

Fortunately for us, every 2nd Saturday of the month, Uchinari Cafe will serve you the best egg-on-rice ever. I’m not even exaggerating – personally I think it beats even the popular JAC shop in Fukuoka in taste and price. Most ingredients come from the rice terrace of Uchinari-san, one of the best farms in Oita Prefecture, including the rice and eggs. Their pickles are to die for, and I always ask for extra.

And the kind oba-san would always give me extra! 😉

If you’re not a fan of raw eggs, try the tamagoyaki set which comes with two onigiri balls.


In addition to the monthly café, Uchinari-san also regularly appears at the monthly Kitahama Marche, held on the 4th Sunday of the month. If you come earlier, you can often get some freebies that come from their farm!

Price: 300yen per set. SO CHEAP, AND YET SO GOOD.

Address: 4-8 Kusunokimachi, Beppu, Oita Prefecture 874-0943, Japan. Get off the bus at Kitahama Ginzagai Iriguchi.

Opening time: 11am – 3pm.



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