Othello Specialty Coffee Roast


Located near two other hot Beppu gourmet destinations, hibino pan and nicoドーナツ、Othello is a tiny cafe that specializes in drip coffee, with high quality beans imported from all over the world.The shop is operated by a young coffee enthusiast, who worked as a manager for a Tully’s cafe before.

A cup of good stuff in the making

Written on the blackboards are the rather-short menu of Othello, which consists of mainly drip coffee, cafe latte and an item of the owner’s homemade daily baked goods. I’ve heard that once the cafe is steadily running, the menu will be expanded to include other regular items that you’d find a coffee shop (cappuccino, for instance). For a not-so-enthusiastic coffee drinker, and also someone who drinks her tea straight – no sugar, this is more than enough.

My cup of coffee (straight, the same way I take my tea) and a slice of almond tart

The decors are fairly simple, with wood as the overall tone, making the shop feel homely. My favorite part is that there are plenty of natural daylight in the shop, thanks to the glass surroundings; I usually go here to study, read or write. As my usual tearoom takes a break on Tuesday, I’d seek abode at Othello instead. Before even realizing it, for a while I was coming here once a week. But what’s not to like? The coffee here is good without needing any pretension; the environment and furniture are comfortable enough to stay for a little longer than Starbucks, and you can even bring your own food. Takeout is also available as an option.

If you love the caffeine kick that coffee provides, this is definitely the place to try.

Address: Kusunokimachi 13-1, Beppu, Oita. Right next to Hibino Pan

Opening Time: 7:00~17:00. Abnormal day off may be possible, so check their HP for more information.

**EDIT: As commented on Facebook by Mr Nathan, Othello also serves soy latte which is rather uncommon.


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